Launch notifications with the Pearl App for iPhone

The Pearl App now has the ability to automatically send a push notification to your iOS® device after you enter your car and mount your phone to the Pearl Phone Mount. This provides a quick and easy way to access the app at the beginning of your drive. Just simply mount your phone using the Pearl Phone Mount, then swipe right on the pop-up notification, and the Pearl App will launch immediately.

Note that users who have a lockscreen passcode will need to take one additional step of unlocking their screen, either through Touch ID/fingerprint, or standard passcode.

If you're not getting the notifications when you mount your iPhone to the Pearl Phone Mount, check that the following features are enabled on your iOS device:

(The Pearl App asks to enable all of these features when you first set RearVision up, but if you disabled any of these options, just go to Settings on your iOS device to re-enable them)

  • Bluetooth must be ON (Settings > Bluetooth)
  • Location services must be ON (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Pearl: Set to Always)
    Tip: If iOS asks you to keep allowing Pearl to use your location, go ahead and allow it. Location Services are used by the Pearl App for iBeacon™ proximity, which is how the app knows that you’re close to your car (and your RearVision).
  • Motion & Fitness must be ON (Settings > Pearl > Motion & Fitness)
  • Notifications must be ON (Settings > Pearl > Notifications: All notification types ON)
  • Background App Refresh must be ON (Settings > Pearl > Background App Refresh)

This feature only works when magnetically mounting your iPhone. If you're using another non-magnetic phone mount (rather than the included Pearl Phone Mount), you will not get the notification to launch Pearl at the beginning of your drive.

If you've checked the above and are still not getting your push notifications reliably, contact us and we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

What about Apple Watch notifications?

In some cases, Apple Watch users may get the launch notification on their watch instead of their iPhone. Note that tapping the notification on the Apple Watch currently does not launch the Pearl App.

To redirect the notification to the iPhone exclusively (where it functions normally, as above):

  • Go into the Watch app on your iPhone & tap on Notifications.
  • Scroll down to the Mirror iPhone alerts from area and disable the entry for the Pearl App.

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional clarification or help - and be sure to check out our related articles for more info!