Troubleshooting Wi-Fi or video performance issues on Android phones

If you’re using the Network Signal Info app on your Android phone, or any similar third-party app which supports “widgets” to monitor your cellular and Wi-Fi signal connections, you may experience inconsistent video performance while using the Pearl App (Android widgets are "at-a-glance" views of an app's most important data and functionality, and are accessible right from your home screen).

When using RearVision, the Car Adapter connects to the Camera Frame and your phone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Certain third-party apps like Network Signal Info can be running active widgets in the background on your phone, and those constant network scans can interfere with the phone's ability to maintain a smooth Wi-Fi connection to the Car Adapter. As a result of this interference, you may see video artifacts when using the Pearl App.

  • To resolve this issue, on your Android phone, go into Settings > Application Manager and stop the app process for Network Signal Info (or any similar third-party network monitoring app).

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