Troubleshooting Common RearVision Installation Issues

We’ve designed RearVision for easy installation. However, vehicle make and model differences can make the installation process a little different for everyone. This article will outline a few of the common things to check if your RearVision isn’t fitting quite right.

  1. Fit of the Camera Frame: If the physical placement of the Camera Frame on the back of your car doesn’t fit correctly, or blocks the latch of your trunk, you may require an adapter that we provide free of charge. If you need an adapter to adjust the position of the Camera Frame, just contact us and we’ll send you one right away, at no cost.
  2. Recharging your Camera Frame: In rare circumstances, your RearVision Camera Frame may need charging out of the box to guarantee the best experience going forward. If you get a low battery message during your initial setup with the Pearl App, follow these easy steps to recharge your Camera Frame: Recharging your RearVision Camera Frame
  3. Trouble accessing the Pearl Wi-Fi network: When using the Pearl App to set up RearVision, you should enable both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your phone (via Settings). If your phone has any issues connecting to the Pearl Wi-Fi network, check out these articles for some easy steps to follow:

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional clarification or help. Be sure to check out our related articles for more info.