Will the Pearl Phone Mount work for my phone and car?

We’ve designed our Phone Mount to work with a wide variety of phone shapes and sizes, with or without cases, to enable hands-free viewing. And it’s easy to install.

Choose the base option that works best for you:

    1. Vent Mount: It’s ready to go. Just clip the mount into your vent.
    2. Dash Mount: First remove the attached vent clip, then attach the adhesive base to the mount and adhere it to your dash.


Select the magnetic Phone Plate that works best with your phone and/or phone case. Choose from two sizes, both of which have adhesive backing that attach directly to the back of your phone or phone case:

If you have a normal case, the larger plate will provide a secure connection from inside the case. If you prefer no case (or a thicker case), the smaller plate can attach directly to the back of your phone or phone case. Depending on the fit of your phone case, you may be able to place the larger plate in between your phone and case without using the adhesive.

The adhesive base and Phone Plates work best on a clean surface (we include cleaning wipes), and won't work on surfaces that are specifically designed to be "non-stick".

Note: Charging your phone wirelessly may cause the Phone Plate to overheat and is not recommended. If your phone uses wireless charging, don't charge your phone wirelessly with the magnetic phone plate attached.