Getting Started with Pearl RearVision

Getting started with RearVision is easy and fast - it’s wireless, installs in minutes, and instantly upgrades your car. Check out our quick how-to video:

Before you get started, take a look inside your RearVision box - you’ll find the following:

  • Camera Frame with attached security screw, license plate Bracket and two (2) small rubber bumpers
  • Locking Tool
  • Car Adapter
  • Phone Mount with vent clip and adhesive dash base
  • Small envelope containing Phone Plates and cleaning wipe

From your own toolbox, you’ll need a tool for removing and re-attaching your license plate (e.g. screwdriver, socket wrench, etc...).

Notes: If you’re installing this on your Audi®, Volvo®, ‘07 (or later) Jeep® Wrangler, or '11 (or later) Volkswagen® Jetta, you should have received additional parts with specific installation instructions. If you didn’t, or have questions, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help you. 

Some license plates may be attached using self-tapping screws. If your license plate is attached with self-tapping screws, or if the license plate bracket feels loose or "wiggly" after re-attaching it to your car, try re-mounting with larger screws, or contact us for assistance.

To sum up the video above, the installation of RearVision follows these basic steps:

  1. Attach the Bracket to your rear license plate, and then attach the Camera Frame to the Bracket.
  2. Plug the Car Adapter into your car’s OBD port.
  3. Attach the Phone Mount to your vent or dash.
  4. Download and launch the Pearl App on your phone.
  5. Pair your phone with RearVision and you’re good to go!

RearVision Tips

Because driving situations – and driver preferences – vary, RearVision is viewable in portrait and landscape on your phone and offers you a choice of views and control options. Tap the App screen to:

  • Adjust your horizontal angle of view.
  • Switch from narrow to wide view, and back.
  • Turn Night Mode on/off.
  • Turn audible/visual obstacle alerts on/off.
  • Adjust your general settings.
  • Pan left or right.

See our Safety Guide for additional information.

Recharging your Camera Frame

The Camera Frame is solar-charged, and under normal use, will maintain a charge with exposure to sunlight. However, if you’re storing your car in a garage for more than a few weeks, or are otherwise not exposing the Camera Frame to sunlight, you may need to recharge it occasionally. You’ll receive a “low battery” warning via the Pearl App if this is ever the case.

See this article for details: Recharging your RearVision Camera Frame

Check out our related articles for even more tips, tricks, and help. And don't hesitate to contact us if you need any extra help getting started!