How do alerts and obstacle notifications work with RearVision?

To help keep your driving safe and stress-free, RearVision provides both visual and audible obstacle alerts while you’re backing up. Here’s how it all works:

The Camera Frame connects wirelessly to the Car Adapter plugged into your car’s OBD, or On-Board Diagnostics port. It sends video from the dual HD cameras to the Car Adapter.

The Car Adapter uses its sophisticated 3D vision algorithms to instantly process and understand the video streams sent from the Camera Frame, and relays that video and information to the Pearl App on your iOS® or Android™ device. This process provides the real-time audible and visual alerts that warn you of obstacles in your path.

The Car Adapter has a dedicated speaker for audible alerts. The audible alerts come from the Car Adapter rather than the Pearl App because if your device was on silent, these important alerts would not be heard.

We have a great blog post here that goes into even greater detail on how RearVision's intelligent alert system works: Pearl Tips: Obstacle Alerts

Important Note: Objects in your path will not be seen or detected by your RearVision system if they are above, below or outside of the cameras’ range of sight or alert zone. Please be sure to read the Safety & Operating Information in the box or at for more details.

There are three basic alerts that can occur when backing up using RearVision:

  • When you are about 6.5 feet from an object in your path, you'll hear an audible alert, and you’ll see a visual ripple on the screen, indicating the approximate location of the object.
  • When you are about 4 feet from an object in your path, you'll hear another audible alert, and will see another visual ripple on the screen (similar to one above).
  • When you are about 2 feet from an object in your path, you’ll hear a different, continuous alert tone and the Pearl App will also display a red border surrounding the video. This urgent alert indicates that you should stop your car now before you back into the object.
Pearl App Alert Zones

Alerts are ON by default with RearVision, but you can tap the Pearl App screen to toggle audible and visual alerts on or off:

Pearl App Overview

Check out our related articles for even more details on the Pearl App, and if you have any additional questions or concerns, just contact us - we’re happy to help!