Is Pearl RearVision theft resistant?

We've thoughtfully designed RearVision to deter theft in a number of exclusive ways.

First, the Camera Frame is electronically paired with its companion Car Adapter at the factory, so they will not work independently of each other.

Second, when you set up the Pearl App for the first time, your phone is uniquely paired with your RearVision. You can easily share your RearVision credentials with other drivers (such as your family or friends), but to anyone without these credentials, your RearVision will be completely non-functional and useless.

Third, we've designed and included a special Locking Tool that secures your RearVision via a built-in security screw. Your RearVision can only be removed from your car with the Locking Tool, so be sure to keep it somewhere safe.

Lastly, we are so confident in the security features we built into RearVision, we don’t think theft will be an issue. Should your Camera Frame be stolen, please contact us to make arrangements for a replacement, at no charge to you.