How to install Pearl RearVision

Installing RearVision is easy! It’s wireless and installs in minutes - no drilling holes in your car or running wires. Check out our Getting Started guide for details and a helpful video, but here are the basic install steps:

  1. Remove your license plate:
    Pearl Install 1
  2. Attach the Bracket to your rear license plate, then re-attach both to your car:
  3. Attach the Camera Frame to the Bracket:
    Pearl Install 2
  4. Plug the Car Adapter into your car’s OBD port:
    Pearl Install 3
  5. Attach the Phone Mount to your vent or dash:
    Pearl Install 4
  6. Download and launch the Pearl App on your phone.
  7. Pair your phone with RearVision and you’re ready to backup with confidence.

Once installed, RearVision allows you to see and control super-wide views of what’s behind your car – right from your phone. Audible and visual alerts warn you of obstacles in your path and our thoughtfully-designed Phone Mount is included for safe, hands-free viewing.

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