Will Pearl RearVision work with my car?

Pearl RearVision is wireless and installs in minutes -- no drilling holes or running wires is necessary.

It’s designed to work on all standard passenger vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans) made after 1996 for the US market, the year OBD-II ports became standard. Check out our related articles for more information on OBD ports.


So how do you install RearVision?

The Camera Frame, featuring dual HD cameras, installs securely over your license plate and wirelessly pairs to the companion Car Adapter that’s plugged into your car’s OBD port. Together, they connect to the Pearl App, allowing you to see and control super-wide views of what’s behind your car – right on your phone. Audible and visual alerts warn you of obstacles in your path and a thoughtfully-designed Phone Mount is included for hands-free viewing. Check out our related articles for more details.

Note that laws and regulations applicable to the installation and use of RearVision vary by State. RearVision has been designed, marketed, and sold for use by residents of the United States only and should not be used outside of the United States.