Can my car be hacked if I install Pearl RearVision?

At Pearl, we take privacy and data security very seriously. Today, as more technology is incorporated into our cars, it’s important that we build products that are safe and secure against malicious attacks. We’ve designed RearVision with that principle in mind.

The Camera Frame installs over your license plate and connects wirelessly to the Car Adapter plugged into your car’s OBD port. The Car Adapter processes the images from the Camera Frame and sends the video to the Pearl App on your phone.

The moment you launch the app, the Car Adapter begins to broadcast its short-range secure wireless connection to your phone and Camera Frame when you enter your car. That secure connection is protected via the WPA2 protocol, an industry-standard network encryption and key-exchange protocol which includes AES encryption of all data exchanged over that network.


So how does it work, really?

The Camera Frame electronics wake up when you enter your car, and joins your Car Adapter’s protected Wi-Fi network. The Car Adapter broadcasts this network only during times when you're in your car. After you've left your car for a period of time, this network shuts down, as does the Camera Frame.

NOTE: The Camera Frame will only communicate with its companion Car Adapter, so they cannot work independently of each other.