How does the Pearl Phone Mount work?

The Phone Mount can be clipped to your vent or anchored to your dash. No tools required - it all connects magnetically!

The Vent Mount is ready to go - simply clip it to your vent (be sure to seat the Vent Mount as far as it will clip into your vent). To install the Dash Mount, first remove the attached vent clip, attach the adhesive base to the Phone Mount and adhere it to your dash, preferably on a smooth plastic section. (We also include an alcohol wipe to clean oils and dirt from your dash and phone). For best results, before use, allow the adhesive backing to cure for an hour or two after installing the Dash Mount.

Installing the Pearl Phone Mount


How do I attach my Phone Plate?

RearVision comes with two different sizes of Phone Plates that allow your phone to securely attach magnetically to the Phone Mount easy viewing. Affix the small Phone Plate to the back of your phone or case, or stick the larger metal Phone Plate to the back of your phone under your case. For thicker cases, the larger Phone Plate may not provide enough force from inside. If your case has multiple layers, try placing the larger plate between the layers - if that doesn't work, try the smaller plate adhered to the outside of your case.

Pearl Phone Plates

If you are NOT using a case on your phone, avoid using the larger plate, as it may provide too much magnetic force and make it difficult to remove from the mount. The small Phone Plate should be just right.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you charge your phone wirelessly (such as Qi charging, etc.) with the Plate attached, it can cause overheating. Do not charge your phone wirelessly with the metal Phone Plate installed. See our related article How do I remove the Phone Plate or Dash Mount? for more details and instructions on removing the Phone Plate.


Will the adhesive on the Dash Mount damage my dashboard?

We recommend installing the adhesive dash mount on a smooth plastic surface. The adhesive may not be optimal for leather or fabric dashboards. Note that the adhesives on the Dash Mount and Phone Plates are not designed to work with "non-stick" surfaces.

While the adhesive base is designed to remain firmly on your dash, it can also be removed using the same technique outlined for the removal of the Phone Plate in this article: How do I remove the Phone Plate or Dash Mount?

Note: State and local laws may restrict placement of the Phone Mount. Please check your State and Local laws and regulations and be sure to comply. See our Safety Guide for additional information.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, just contact us - we’re happy to help!