Using the Pearl App

The Pearl App works on your iOS® or Android™ device in both horizontal and vertical orientations (sometimes called “landscape” or “portrait” views). Your device screen displays what’s behind and to the left and right of your car. You have control over your view in either orientation, and the app provides obstacle alerts, Smart Parking Guidelines, and much more.

Important Note: Before using Pearl RearVision, be sure to read the Safety & Operating Information in the box or at

Because driving situations and driver preferences vary, the Pearl App offers you a choice of views and control options. Tap the App screen to:

  • Adjust the horizontal plane of view
  • Switch from wide to super-wide view, and back
  • Turn Night Mode on/off 
  • Turn audible and visual obstacle alerts on/off
  • Adjust your general settings
  • Pan left or right (portrait view only)

Here’s a quick look at the various functions available in the Pearl App:

When you’re done backing up, the Pearl App will automatically display a convenient App Launcher view with quick shortcuts to your favorite in-car apps. You may customize this list of apps by going to General Settings > App Launcher within the Pearl App.

The App Launcher will only display a curated list of common driving-related apps. If your favorite driving app isn’t listed, let us know!

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Note to iPhone® Users:

  • When your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection is not available (for example, when you're still connected to your home network or when you have Wi-Fi turned off), RearVision will send video over Bluetooth®. In this configuration, Bluetooth hands-free kits can interfere with video streaming while on a call.
  • To improve video performance, switch back to transmitting wirelessly by going into your iPhone’s Settings > Wi-Fi, then connect to the Pearl network listed.

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