How does the App Launcher work?

The Pearl App has a convenient App Launcher that is displayed when you’re done backing up. You can add your favorite driving-related apps to the App Launcher for quick access when starting your drive.

When does the App Launcher appear?

When you’re done backing up, RearVision detects when your car reaches 10 MPH. At that point, the video stream stops and the Pearl App brings up the App Launcher screen.

Note: Some model year vehicles 1996 - 2008 may not be able to stop the video stream automatically, due to limitations in the OBD II implementation. For those cars, the App Launcher comes up automatically after 60 seconds or when you double tap the screen. Check out our related article What is the CAN bus in my car? And how does Pearl RearVision use it? for more info.

You can manually adjust the time it takes for the App Launcher to appear:

  • In the Pearl App, open General Settings
  • Select App Launcher
  • Select Delay to adjust your delay time

Additionally, you can double-tap the screen at any time to bring up the App Launcher.

Pearl App Launcher

Which apps can I add to the App Launcher?

You can easily switch out the apps within your App Launcher from within General Settings > App Launcher. Just tap the info icon ("i") to select different apps to populate one of the four slots available.

The App Launcher will only display a curated list of common driving-related apps. These are just apps that we (and our customers) use and like, but if your favorite driving-related app isn’t listed, let us know!

Additional Notes:

  • If you see an app listed in General Settings > App Launcher which isn’t currently installed on your phone, tapping on it will display an "App not installed" message and direct you to the App Store or Google Play to get it.
  • The first time you use the App Launcher for a given app, your phone will ask your permission to allow Pearl to launch the app in the future.