What happens to the audio on my phone when backing up with Pearl RearVision?

RearVision uses your phone’s screen to display a super-wide view of what’s behind your car while you’re backing up, and even presents audible and visual alerts to warn you of any obstacles in your path. (Check out our article titled How do alerts and obstacle notifications work with RearVision? for more details.)

To better aid you in safely backing up, any audio from your phone (music, podcasts, etc.) is temporarily paused until the video from RearVision stops. Note that you can still receive calls as you would normally.

Pearl is committed to making driving more enjoyable and less stressful, so please be sure to follow safe, distraction-free driving practices while using RearVision. Texts and calls can always wait until you’re safely parked!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, just contact us - we’re happy to help!