How many users can share RearVision?

We want to make backing up easy and safe for every driver in your household, so each RearVision system may be shared by up to three different users.

Each user will have to download the Pearl App on their phone and will connect to the shared RearVision using the Wi-Fi password supplied by the user who set it up (See instructions below). Please note the RearVision system will only work with one driver's phone at a time.

Important note: Anyone you give your passcode to will be able to use your RearVision just like you can (with all the same terms & conditions). Check out our Terms and Conditions page for more info.

To share RearVision with multiple users/phones:

  1. The user who initially installed and set up the system will need to share the RearVision Wi-Fi passcode with the additional user(s). The Wi-Fi passcode can be found within the Pearl App, in General Settings > About. Just tap on Reveal to see the password. Tap again to hide it.
  2. The additional user(s) will download, install, and launch the Pearl App. They will create their own unique accounts when prompted in the app.
    Note for iOS users only: if the original owner is nearby, they should disable Bluetooth temporarily.
  3. When near the car with RearVision installed, the additional user(s) will select the option to join an existing RearVision. The additional user(s) will now be prompted to join the Pearl Wi-Fi network and enter the passcode.

Note: If you have multiple RearVision systems installed on different vehicles, only one user is currently supported. A single phone cannot currently be paired with multiple RearVision systems.

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional help with the steps above - and be sure to check out our related articles for more info!