Can I use RearVision if I already have something attached to my OBD port?

If you’re already using your OBD port with another product, there are 3rd party splitters available that will allow you to use the RearVision Car Adapter along with your other OBD-based device. Our initial testing has shown that these splitters work well.

Here’s a link to a typical OBD II splitter Y cable that has worked well for us:

OBD II Splitter Y Cable

We haven’t tested ALL available 3rd party solutions with RearVision, but if the one you’ve chosen doesn’t work, or you’re dissatisfied with RearVision for any reason, you may take advantage of our 30-day hassle-free return policy. Note that we can only refund you for the purchase of your RearVision, not for any third-party accessories.