Video from my RearVision appears to be off-center

Depending on where your license plate is mounted, you may notice that the image within the Pearl App appears off-center. This is particularly noticeable if you have something in the center of your bumper, like a tow hitch, for instance.

The Camera Frame uses dual HD cameras. Depending on the time of day, RearVision switches your main view from one camera to the other (One of the cameras is tuned specifically for night/low-light performance and is more sensitive to infrared illumination).

Because each camera lens is about 2 inches offset from the center of the Camera Frame, anything in the center of your bumper (which is the closest point to the lenses) will appear off-center.

Note that this doesn’t affect the field of view of RearVision, which is super-wide (up to 180º). You can also tap to pan either left or right when using the Pearl App - check out our related articles for more details and tips.