Recharging your RearVision Camera Frame

The Camera Frame is solar-charged, and under normal use, will maintain a charge with exposure to sunlight. However, if you’re storing your car in a garage for more than a few weeks, or are otherwise not exposing the Camera Frame to sunlight, you may need to recharge it occasionally. You’ll receive a “low battery” warning via the Pearl App if this is ever the case.

Fortunately, recharging is super easy and quick - a USB cable has been built into the Camera Frame should the internal battery require wired recharging.

To recharge the Camera Frame:

  1. Remove the Camera Frame from your car using the Locking Tool. It isn’t necessary to remove your license plate, or the Pearl-supplied license plate bracket.
  2. Pull out the USB plug and cable that runs along the back side of the Camera Frame. The plug itself is in a weatherproof rubber USB boot (see image below).
  3. Plug the USB cable into any standard USB charger. Note that the plug is a thin “tongue-style” plug, so be sure to plug it in correctly to your charger (you’ll know it’s oriented correctly if the green LED starts flashing on the front of the Camera Frame). Clean the plug if it’s dirty or wet before charging. Important notes:
    • The LED charging indicator light is on the bottom front side, to the right of the Pearl logo.
    • While charging, the LED light will blink green.
    • Once FULLY CHARGED, the LED light will show solid green.
    • On average, you’ll want to allow about five to eight (5-8) hours for a full charge (Charging the Camera Frame overnight might be the most convenient option).
  4. Once charged, tuck the USB cable back into the rubber USB boot and then back into the Camera Frame. If the connector or cable are improperly placed, they may be crushed or damaged and charging may become difficult or impossible.
  5. Re-install the Camera Frame, using the Locking Tool to lock it back into place.


Tips to optimize solar charging:

  1. For optimal charging of your Camera Frame in sunlight during daily use, be sure that the solar panels are clean, and dust/dirt-free.
  2. Additionally, you can improve the Camera Frame's solar charging by parking in a location where the sun is shining directly on the solar panels (located on the lower part of the frame). While this step isn't a necessity, it can certainly help improve the speed of charging.
  3. A couple of hours of good sunlight exposure a day offsets the daily power consumption of the Camera Frame.

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional clarification or help - and be sure to check out our related articles for more info!