Why does the video stream flicker in the Pearl App?

When using the Pearl App, if you see the screen flicker, this usually indicates that there is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interference. Usually the problem will go away quickly, but if it persists you may want to try the following;

  • iOS users only: Unless you’re already connected to the Pearl Wi-Fi network, try disabling Wi-Fi on your phone, which will allow Bluetooth video to work better.
  • Are there other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices nearby? These could be creating interference. If the image performance isn’t great, try deactivating any other Bluetooth accessories in your car.

NOTE: For the best possible performance with RearVision, your mobile device should be connected to the Pearl Wi-Fi network, but on iOS devices, RearVision can also use Bluetooth to stream video to the Pearl App on your phone. If possible, double-check your phone settings when in your car to make sure that you are connected to your RearVision using Wi-Fi.

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional clarification or help - and be sure to check out our related articles for more info!